The best present for me after different journeys and expeditions to the White and Mediterrainean sea was, definitely, the possibility to travel to Egypt. I and my mom flew to the Hurgada in the end of January 2008.

Only 25 years Hurgada was just a small fishermen settlement. But during the last several years it grew rapidly and became a very popular resort. You can already understand that from the plain.

    View of Hurgada from plain         View of Hurgada from plain

I was equiped very well (as I thought) but I forgot that actually February is a Fabruary even in Egypt. The Red sea isn't a White sea, of course, but if I swam more than 30 minutes, I started to freeze strongly. The temperature was about 17-18C. Nonetheless I spent in the water every time during the week! That was really great, I made a lot of photos and you cam see here almost all of them.



Near the hotel "Caribbean World Resort"


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