This class of animals is very various and numerous in the White sea, hundreds of species are known. But we know almost nothing about many of them.

That year I photographed only several species of polychaetes.

This is a sedentary polychaete Amphitrite sp. (must be figulus). You can see only the tentacles juting out from the hole. These tentacles can stretch very strong so that the 10 cm long animal is able to feel around itself the territory about a square metre! The tentacles are covered with cilias that transport everything eatable to the worm's mouth.


This is another sedentary polychaete - Chone infundibuliformis. This worm feeds on plankton catching it by its beautiful red feather-like gills. The gills are covered with cilias.


Pectinaria coreni. This polychaete builds such houses from the grits. The worm feeds on sediments.


Unfourtunately the photo is very bad. =(

I can't define this species. This is a pelagic polychaete.

It may be Vanadis sp.


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